Archax, the first UK regulated exchange and custodian for digital securities, is pleased to announce that Armira Capital has signed to become a member participant in preparation for launch later this year.

Armira Capital launched in 2015 by Gilly Uppal and Kenyon Abel to take advantage of dislocation in the structured credit and OTC equity markets by providing liquidity in these hard to source assets. The firm acts in both principal and agency capacity and has grown to transact across equities, fixed income, structured credit and associated derivatives. With direct clearing, settlement and custody arrangements in place with leading institutions, Armira now offers its largely institutional client base an independent and low risk execution solution.

Gilly Uppal of Armira states:

“We have a strong history of identifying solutions in high touch or hard to source and hard to trade assets; asset classes that may not fit squarely within a client’s portfolio owing to pricing, execution, and liquidity sensitivities. Digital securities present a new asset challenge in the traditional investment portfolio mandate and we are excited to be in the space with Archax. Our goal is to bring transparency and liquidity solutions to our clients over digital assets as we have done with other asset classes.”

Malcolm Ford at Archax, adds:

“Digital technology has already disrupted major sectors such as retail, travel, music and video, yet the infrastructure in financial markets remains largely unchanged. The digital revolution is coming, and we are delighted that the team at Armira Capital will be joining us on our journey. We welcome them to the exchange and look forward to working with them.”

Archax is the only UK regulated digital securities exchange, brokerage and custodian. Its products and services cover the full range of digital assets and it is also pioneering the use of tokenisation and blockchain technology to help democratise financial markets and bring liquidity to assets that are hard to trade – as well as ultimately to revolutionise all traditional financial markets, particularly in post-trade.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact info@archax.com.

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