VALK (ex-Value on Chain) partners with Archax to facilitate end-to-end digital issuance and listing powered by Corda

This partnership sees two Corda clients join forces to enable financial institutions to issue and list digital assets on a UK-based exchange


This partnership sees two Corda clients join forces to enable financial institutions to issue and list digital assets on a UK-based exchange. The partnership will not only bring a liquidity venue and gateway to institutions working with VALK, but also provide Archax with a number of digital security offerings from the VALK ecosystem of established and regulated financial institutions.

VALK founders Antoine Loth and Elie Azzi state:

“We are delighted to seal this partnership with Archax and look forward to being one of the first platforms on Corda to integrate with their exchange. Our clients will now have access to a gateway to liquidity and Archax can benefit from the incredible deal flow of our partners who are issuing, financing and trading very high-quality assets in the private equity, fund, infrastructure and real estate worlds. We are glad to be building the business interface between top performing and reputable institutional players and Archax, the most innovative market venue in the UK.”

Graham Rodford, Archax Co-Founder and CEO, adds:

“We are building the first truly global, institutional market for digital securities based in London. As such, we are keen to list the most credible token offerings – so partnerships like this one with VALK are highly relevant and important to us. Although we are blockchain agnostic in terms of the tokens that we list, we have partnered with R3 to use Corda for our own ledger and post-trade activities, so this collaboration with VALK, who use Corda too, makes a lot of sense. We are excited by the opportunity that the tokenisation of assets brings, and we look forward to working with VALK going forward.”

VALK digitizes the issuance and investment processes of unlisted company shares. Our white-label solution built on Corda automates all of the tasks that are carried out manually today by financial institutions buying or selling unlisted shares. Our solution which is targeted at established and regulated financial institutions (fund managers, asset managers, and investment banks), not only helps them save costs and time, but also improve customer experience and increase deal and trade volume on the unlisted assets they manage and offer to investors. Moreover, being built on Corda, VALK allows for instant settlement on-chain, investing & trading in a secure, compliant and robust environment and interoperability and connectivity with the world’s largest banking DLT ecosystem.

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